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Kids Corner

Helping Your Child Cope With Angry Feelings

Anger is an emotion we all experience from time to time. If we were to reflect,

we would be able to see that underneath anger there are other emotions also.

Examples include sadness, fear, loss, confusion and/or frustration.

Dr. Ross Greene has developed a behavior management system that can be

helpful with helping children deal with angry feelings. He has written several

books on the topic and the process is researched based. This is called

"Collaborative Problem Solving." The following is a brief clip that may be helpful.

I also encourage parents to buy the book: Collaborative Problem Solving For Parents.

Dr. Greene stresses the need of parents to provide for their explosive child the following;

1. Empathy - "It sounds like you are frustrated because I

asked you to come in."

2. Define the problem – What are the details of the problem? What are both the child's concerns and the parents' concerns.

             3. Problem solving – Brainstorm with your child solutions to the problem and how these will be implemented.

An example of such a conversation is the following:

Adult - "I noticed your homework wasn't done. What up?"

Child – “I don’t want to do it after school.”

Adult- “You don’t want to do it after school.”

Child – “Right. I feel tired sometimes.

Adult- Let’s think of how you can get your homework done so you can continue to do well in school."

From: Collaborative Problem Solving

" Children are our most valuable resource."

Herbert Hoover

Internet Safety

Are you concerned about your child’s activity and time spent on the internet? Do you worry that

they may access unsafe sites? Information on this web- site will help you know how to best support

your child with this issue. This site is a resource for parents through NYSEd.gov.


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